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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Bivouac #2 - Rain Continues

The rain in Arfoud Morocco continues to come down, sometimes sprinkling, and sometimes pouring. The locals are excited for these lands are dehydrated, and yearn for water. Today, Aziz, the barber that shaved my beard told me he had not seen it rain like this in over 20 years. What are the chances that the MdS would be washed out before the race? The race directors have decided to cancel the first leg of the race, which was 30 km (18.6 miles), due to weather conditions. This shrinks the race from a 151 mile 6 stage run to a 132 mile 5 day stage run.

Tomorrow we plan to check in for the race, and the day after we plan to start what would have been day 2. Many of us are so ready to run that if they continue to delay we may just run the 300 km back to Ouarzazate self supported, stopping in villages along the way.

This morning I went for a 5 mile run with my roomate Dennis from Vancouver and with Ted Archer from Sacramento. After some shish tawook I went for another 5 mile run with Hasan and Sameer. Im trying to make up some miles for the lost day. Work it!

Until further notice from the race directors I will stay at the Hotel Kasbah Tizimi for the next two nights.

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IronCaro said...

Best of luck Mohammed. I hope you can get out there and start the race soon! My aunt, Lynne Hewett, an Australian Nurse living in New York is also out there ready to go. Race number 824.
I will be following your blog and progress!