Warning: the following words and images will allow you to vicariously see the world with the eyes of Sultan. Read at your own risk. The name Sultan has many meanings, but derives from the peak Sultan Mountain in Silverton, CO!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Day 1 - 20 miles

We officially started the MdS today. Over 800 runners took to the start and were off into the desert. The sand dunes and dunnettes are majastic up close and from afar, it is truly amazing! ran well for the first half of todays stage and then slowed down to save myself for the remaining days. The exposed sun spanked me, but I have recovered and I am looking forward to tomorrow.

Ill post on the blog as long as the internet keeps up.

1 comment:

Speedy Coco said...

This is the beginnin of a great journey Mo! Keep it up and can't wait to catch up with you in Agadir!!
Have a safe run and work it baby!! To be the best, you have to compete with the best ;)