Warning: the following words and images will allow you to vicariously see the world with the eyes of Sultan. Read at your own risk. The name Sultan has many meanings, but derives from the peak Sultan Mountain in Silverton, CO!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Mt. Rogers 5,729 ft (1746M)

This past weekend I made the trip to the Mt. Rogers National Recreation Area for the first time. Most of this recreation area is in the George Washington and Jefferson National Forest. 78 miles of the Appalachian Trail runs thru the recreation area. Mt. Rogers is also the highest point in Virginia. The trail up to the summit is 4.5 miles one way. After running past the ponies reaching the summit I ran on the AT for a short spur of 3 miles.

The day was beautiful and abundant with sunshine. I ran back to the parking lot finishing well before my friends that had planned to hike at a fast pace. I decided to run down to the welcome center from the parking lot giving me a total mileage of just under 15 miles.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

100 Fasting Miles in Ramadan

Today is the third day of the month fasting, the month of Ramadan. Ramadan is the 9th lunar month in the Islamic calendar. I always look forward to Ramadan because it is a month of self-restraint and is an amazing way to purify and clear you entire body. I always find my running stronger during and after a long fast. The fasting starts at sunrise and ends at sunset for 30 consecutive days.

This year I have committed to run 100 fasting miles. 60-30 minutes before the sun sets, at the time I am most dehydrated, and at the time when my stomach searches for empty calories. Running while in a state of fast is truly a challenge. Last year I ran a handful of miles which I thought were difficult. You really have to reach deep within to be able to run.