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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Dupont Midnight Marathon - Gorges State Forest Hike

On a full moon we set off to run a midnight marathon in Dupont. We start running at 12:01am, and run for 26 miles in one of NC most beautiful state parks. This training run helps with running at night with low visibility, and sleep deprivation. My left ankle was bothering me a little on this run so I decided to not run the last 4 miles, ran only 22.

After the run we at at Julies in Brevard, NC. I had an omelet, an egg and cheese sandwich on a toasted bagel, plus some of Mt. T's left over pancakes! This was enough fuel to keep me going on the Gorges State Park hike that would start at 10:30am. We still had a 45 min drive to get to the park.

Rainbow falls is a stunning waterfall. I have hiked many North Carolina trails, and I have yet to see a waterfall as stunning as Rainbow. It looks like a waterfall you would see in the Pacific Northwest, or something out of Alaska!

After the hike we enjoyed a meal at Hannah's Flanagan in Hendersonville, NC.

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