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Saturday, October 08, 2011

Roan Foliage Marathon

An impromptu adventure came a knockin on my door late Saturday night.  I knew to keep my low mileage on my legs if I wanted a crack at the Pitchell this year, but Im the kinda guy that lives in the moment.

The Carvers Gap parking lot welcomed us at 3am, and we made the asphalt our grounds for a few hours of sleep.  Paul and I were on the trail by 8am to witness the most amazing sunrise on Roan I have seen to date.  Been running there for 6 or so years now, and the weather here is the tricky factor.  The wind was blowing, but temperatures could not have been milder.  With the sun, it was perfect.  The foliage was perfect at this elevation.

I didn't push it, and round tripped the marathon distance in 7:45.  Resting the legs now for Pitchell, which I will be lucky to finish if I can get my head wrapped around it.

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