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Sunday, October 02, 2011

Grandfather Mtn. Fire and Ice.

This Sunday a group of new and old friends decided to make the trek up to Grandfather on the profile trail. Not a very challenging hike, but the ladders, and bouldering make this a Disney World for lovers of the trail. Adding to the pizzaz was the wind, ice, and snow only to be contrasted by the holly bush red berries. Fire and Ice.

Traversing up and down the boulders that were covered in ice made for tricky traction, especially with numb fingers covered in liner gloves. But there is something to be said about that cool, crisp winter air that breathes life into the soul.

Post hike, we b-lined it to the Coyote Kitchen. A new Boone favorite for me!  Delicioso!!!

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stan said...

Great photos.
Jinnie and I went up the Profile Trail the very next day, but there was much less ice left on the trees by the time we got up there around noon Monday.