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Saturday, December 19, 2009


The 9th ALTAR this year never took place. A winter snow tsunami hit Asheville, NC Friday night shutting down all major interstates and dumping more than 10 inches of snow. Travel to Asheville was possible but risky, thus many of the runners bailed out. Scott, Liz, and Carl, all from Georgia made it to Camp Daniel Boone and went on a hike up Cold Mountain and back on Saturday.

Charlie, Matt, David, and I made it to Brevard late in the morning and decided to go for a short run/hike. We ended up running an 8 mile loop. Downed rhododendron’s made many sections much harder and slower than they would have been. The wet snow was perfect for making snowmen, but made the run harder than it would have been with powdery snow.

Word is out that the ALTAR maybe put on in the weeks to come.


annette bednosky said...

Thanks for sharing your photos and post. Ahhh winter in the Southern Applachians! I too had planned an "Over The Top" adventure run with up to a dozen others-and as far as I know-that didn't happen either! We were snow bound...I ran 3 miles down "iffy" roads to my gym...plodded out 10 treadmill miles all the while looking out the window at beautiful snow covered Paddy Mtn...and plodded on the snow covered roads back home. Tomorrow: Snowboarding!

Joseph Lea said...

Beautiful pictures! Saw you are in the Hardrock Lottery again. Good luck and hope to see you out there again. Catch you at Uharrie in Feb - I won't be running U40 this year, but will be there camping out and organizing an unofficial run for the race volunteers the day before.

cheers, joe lea

the Sultan said...

Annette and Joe! Great to hear from you both. The snow this season has made things much more interesting. We did traverse the ALTAR finally on new years even in 16:01, the longest it has ever taken. Post to come up soon with photos. Joe, look forward to Hardrock and u40!