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Friday, November 13, 2009

Working in Florida

I’m down in the Sunshine state for work, and hate that I am at sea level, but I am making the best of it.

Thursday I took the elevator down 20 flights and turned left on the beach running towards the sun coming up. I ran for 20 minutes and turned around and chased my shadow back towards the condo for a 4 mile round trip sunrise run.

Friday I started by taking a right, and chased my shadow again on the cold sand. My feet were practically numb in the sand, but thawed them out in the warm salt water. I ran for 30 minutes this time, and then turned around. I was facing the sun, which was bright, and warmed my body a bit. I negative split this 6 mile run by 3 minutes on this Friday the 13th.

Saturday I had Oz drop me off 10 miles West of the condo. I ran back, all facing the sun while running bare foot. It took me 1:38 to cover the distance, and I had tiny blisters on my toes more than likely from rubbing the moist sand the wrong way. I sat in the hot tub after the run, and enjoyed the sunny Florida weather on my drive back to the foothills of the Carolina's while pondering a 100 mile barefoot panhandel run from Pensacola to Panama City. You interested?

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