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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Colberts Ridge Loop 22M

Early Saturday morning, Greg and I got up and parked at the Colbert's Ridge trail head. We started just after the sun came up. The temperature was just at freezing, but the sun shined down, and as we ascended we warmed up quickly.

It had been a while since I was on the Colbert's Ridge trail, so it was refreshing to experience it again. The leaves made the trail look very different from the last time I was on it.

Within an hour and half we ascended to the Black Mountain Crest Trail, 3000 feet higher than our starting point, and hung a left. This area is know as Deep Gap, from their we began to ascend Potato Hill, and continued climbing up to Cattail Peak. After Cattail, we pushed on to climb up on top of Big Tom, then Mt. Craig, and then finally the summit of Mitchell.

It was certainly a challenge, but the cool crisp air along with the clear sunny views made it natural and the views from the summit were amazing.

From the summit we descended down the infamous Commissary Ridge and hung a left onto the Horse Buncome Trail. We continued onto this trail until we reached a section of road, which we took back to the Colbert's Ridge trail head.

Along the Horse Buncome Trail it felt like spring time. The weather was fantastic, and couldn't have asked for better conditions, with the temperatures reaching 60 degrees for the high. Fresh bear dung was evident, which meant that we wernt alone. We spent 10 minutes enjoying the day at Maple Camp Bald as the views are amazing. We then continued to push and descended down the Maple Camp Ridge until we reached the road.

Afterwards we headed into the small town of Marion to meet up with Matt, who has helped me customize a pack I plan to take with me to the highlands of Argentina. Never failing in the hospitality department, Matt offered some of his mothers homemade pumpkin pie, which I couldn't turn down. It was delicious! Thanks for the pack and pie!

Next week I plan to stand on the roof of the America's. Surely a grand adventure, which I plan to document on this blog.

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The Sean said...

Enjoy the well rounded approach you take to endurance running. Good luck on your next adventure!