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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Keys Ultra - 50 Miles

This past weekend the Florida Keys 100 raised thousands of dollars for prostate cancer research. The ultra marathon had over 100 runner running mostly the relay, with 20 runners starting the 50 miler, and 19 starting the 100.

My brother Hazem joined me on this adventure and was crewing for me while I attempted the 100. We began the run at 6am with a 77 degree start. I knew it would be warm and I started with a slower pace than usual.

After the first 25 miles I changed shoes because I had sweat all the way thru them and they were sloshing around. By this time the heat was really on. The high temperature for that day was 93 degree. I made sure I was downing electrolytes and water regularly.

The road was very flat. Bridges were the only places we had any elevation. I had packed ice on my back, head, and chest at times to keep my body temperature from over heating. It was humid. After running 50 miles I decided to drop out as the heat totally exhausted my body.

After the run we both checked out Key West, and made the short flight over to the Dry Tortugas Islands.


Bedrock said...

Looks brutal - 100 miles of asphalt. Hopefully you enjoyed some Jimmy Buffet and margaritas while in Key West. Good catching up. See you soon.

flame said...

That heat-or more so the humidity-would leave me so wiped out! The distance you did cover is impressive. Hope you have recovered...

bdr said...

Intense. Good work.