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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Racefest Half Marathon

I decided to run the Charlotte Racefest half marathon 3 days ago. Why? a friend was running it, and the weather was forecasted to be cool and a little windy. I’m warm natured, and my body heats up fast. Having cooler weather makes a big difference for me in my running.

I started the half marathon in the middle of the pack. I clocked a 7:12 first mile. I passed tons of people. I thought to myself that I was going out too fast. But I had not tested my legs at this speed since I have been running longer distances with the 40-50 mile runs. Plus, I had run 75 miles at the Umstead Ultra marathon only two weeks ago. Would my lungs, heart and legs be able to support a 7:12 pace for 13.1 miles?

I ran my first half marathon ever on 3.11.06 in 1:59:29. Prior to that I had run a few 5k’s for fun, but never considered myself a runner. That was a year ago. My experience as a runner is short, but I have learned a lot in the past year. Running has also changed me as an individual.

By mile 2 I approached my friend Greg (middle in photo), who has run several races with me in the past year. It is people like him that inspire me to run faster, harder, and longer.

At mile 6, I remember looking at my watch and seeing my time as 43:30 exactly. That is a 7:15 pace. I managed to keep my pace for the first 6 miles. I still felt solid, and knew that I would be running my PR today.

I was passing people consistently up until mile 11, which is when I noticed two people creeping up on me. As mile 12 came into sight, I kicked it up a notch, and finished with a full sprint.

I set a PR and finished in 1:36:20. A few minutes after finishing, and after a few glasses of water I felt strong and knew I could keep running for another 13.1 if I had to.

The run was set up well, and the volunteers did a great job!

After the run we grabbed a bit to eat at Bob Philson’s Deli “Roast Beef & Rye.” A nice turkey and roast beef sandwich hit the spot.

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bdr said...

Nice work, keep it up!