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Thursday, December 27, 2012

En route to the bottom of the earth...

Boarding my delayed flight to Miami, then off to Santiago, which is when I bypass the volcanic eruption of Copahue volcano while heading to Punta Arenas! From there I head to Antarctica in an Ilyshin 76 jet and land on a frozen landing strip. Thence we board a twin otter plane to the Ellensworth mountain range and land at the base of Vinson Massif to start our expedition.


Miami airports' international terminals make you feel as if you are in South America already! Love this place, and the people...


Almost got arrested for carrying turkey jerkey into Santiago. Didn't think of it, but they sure did. Fligt over otherwise was amazing.


Flight to Punta Arenas was scenic. Saw much of Patagonia by air when it wasn't cloudy. Also met a few Wharton MBA students on their way to leadership training on the island of King George in Antarctica.

Tomorrow debrief with ALE, and the day after fly to the bottom, pending good weather of coarse.

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