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Saturday, June 11, 2011

5th Annual Roan Adventure Marathon

The 5th Annual Roan Mtn. Adventure Marathon is in the books.  It was another hot year, this year the hottest.  Temps reached 80 degrees, which is scorching hot for this area.  First place runner was Jeremy H. putting it down in 5:40.  Mad A's record time of 5:20 stays unchallenged.  I was able to make it to the turn around in 2:53 and finished in 7:59:28, finishing alongside Stan.  8 Finishers this year, and several half way finishers as well.

If you ran this, and want your time posted, email me.

On the drive back home, the adventure did not stop.  A massive storm system nailed us, and golf ball sized hail began to pound us.  We too shelter under a bridge until we thought it was safe, thence a rainbow formed with the rain coming down hard, and then easing off.  Later we passed what appeared to be a car on fire.  As we approached, we noticed it was just a patch of grass.  But how could this be, as it was raining.  We determined that a strike of lightning could be the only explanation. 

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