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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Colberts Ridge-Mitchell Pack Training

This past weekend I continued my backpack weight training, hauling up 50 lbs Colberts Ridge, and then hanging a left on the Black Mountain Crest Trail to the summit of Mitchell.  Most of my weight I was carrying up was water, which I dumped near Cattail Peak, reducing my weight down to 35 lbs for the rest of the journey.  I then cruised by Bit Tom, Mt. Craig, and summited Mitchell within 4 hours.

The day started off a bit windy and chilly, yet the sunshine was abundant.  At the summit, everyone had on jackets and fleeces, and I got a bit cold with my wet long sleeve shirt.  I descended and retraced my footsteps back on the Crest towards the Big Tom Trail, which I took down to the Buncome Horse Trail.  The weather turned perfect, with much warmer temps compared to the summit and no wind at all.

Overall just under 20 miles of trail with a heavy pack put in for some mountain climbing training.  The next few weeks are calling for some flatlands in Florida and Lousiana which is work related.  Another JazzFest 100k....Whoa? Hot, humid, and flat is not the best way to prepare for Alaska, I'll take whatever pack training I can get in.   

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