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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Kitsuma Time Trial & Winter Backpacking

On my drive up to the Smokies for some winter back-packing I made a pitstop at the Kitsuma trailhead where I met up with MadA, Kay, Mike Vance, Joshua James, and a few other Charlotte trail runners.  I still feel a bit out of shape, and not up for a time trail, but what the heck, now I know I can smash this time later. 

The Kitsuma trail is a great 9-10 mile out and back and would be a perfect pitstop on your to and fro hwy 40.

Kay "Tasty Pie" Allen - 42:11/57:45 1:39:56 (2/12/11)
Sultan   - 42:30/1:01:04 1:43:26 (2/12/11)
Michael Vance - 43:02/1:11:09 1:54:11 (2/12/11)
Joshua James - 1:00:12 /58:45 1:58:57 (2/12/11)

I then scooted off quickly to catch up with some friends in the Smokies for a quick backpacking trip in the snow.  We hiked up 8 miles to Cosby Knob shelter off the AT and back on what was a sub-freezing cold night of about 15 degrees.  Searching for dry twigs in those temps was a challenge.

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