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Saturday, January 30, 2010

UCRR Snow Run

18 miles - 2:42 - University City

Despite the snow last night, half a dozen or so UCRR runners showed up for the 7am Saturday run. I was there to get in a few miles, and in for the thrill of running in (snow/wind) less than desirable conditions. Its good training.

When I arrived at 6:50am, the Caribou Coffee was open. No one had yet arrived, and I thought that perhaps people had bailed due to risky road conditions. Shortly there after, several runners appeared, with Savage arriving on foot. We took off...

I brought my camera along, as its rare that it snows like this in town, so I documented. Early on in the run, I pulled out my camera and accidentaly dropped my key without realizing it. I left the group, retraced my path, retrieved my key, and then ran for 2 miles to catch back up with the group at Citgo fields.

It has been a few years since I ran with the UCRR, so it was fun catching up with the gang. Diane gave me the Boston story, which went on for miles! Its inspiring to see people reach their goals, and share stories.

After 10 or 11 miles several runners pit stopped at the Caribou and I found myself continuing, running with Savage and Théoden. We headed back down the same road we started on, and then back on the greenway.

I was running in Mizuno road flats, which I ran the Sultan 50k in last weekend. I still had a few twigs and pebbles in my shoe lurking around my toes from the most recent adventure. By now the wind began to pick up, and snow was flying in my face, forcing me to squint at times. A buff would have been perfect to bring along. Although the asphalt was covered in snow, and in some sections ice, I was able to get a good footing and run at a comfortable pace.

According to Theoden's GPS, he and I covered 18 miles in 2:42. I went inside for a coffee and an oatmeal to go. Caribou's oatmeal rocks!
Later on in the day I put on the micro spikes and tested them out in the hood on sheets of icy roads. They work very well, but not recommended in flats. If you want to run tomorrow morning, I recommend you bring such gear, or a pair of crampons!

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