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Sunday, July 26, 2009

SCAR - 22:12:12

Brian Behdun, Mike Day, Matt Kirk and I all attempted to run the entire distance of the AT in the Smokey Mountains. Crossing the entire park has been dubbed the SCAR (Smokies Challenge Adventure Run). It certainly is a challenge, and alto ugh the distance is 71.2 miles, it is more difficult than some 100 milers that are out there.

My legs and I celebrated our Hardrock victory by coming into Davenport Gap in just over 22 hours. My goal was to break 24 hours and try to come in before dark. I walked the last few miles and made it in with a headlamp.

I want to thank Lilly for having water for us at the Derick Knob Shelter, those two liters kept me moving. Greg Paige and Mrs. Kirk had a killer aid station set up at Newfound Gap with assorted fruit and gourmet sandwiches! I spent 16 minutes here devouring as many calories as my body would take in, and filling up on liquids. David Petroski hiked into Tricorners knob with water and food which was a life saver for me. I went threw a very bad low spot between Pecks and Tricorners. Taking in more calories and water where David was definitely helped me cross to Davenport.

Great job everyone!


Rooster said...

Nice work! So soon after Hardrock...amazing, enjoy!

Bader said...

Strong work Midlibi!

The Sean said...

Newfound Gap has some spectacular scenes