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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Devils Garden on the MTS - 18 miles

I went out with my rock climbing buddies to Stone mountain on a Sunday afternoon. After running 6 miles on the road (4 because I was headed in the wrong direction) I hit the Mountains to Sea Trail (MTS) to the parkway and back. The climb up to Devils Garden on the Blue Ridge Parkway was steep, about 6 miles each way.

It was hot and I guzzled down the 3 liters I was carrying prematurely, leaving me dry for the last 40 minutes of my trek. I laid in the creek for 10 minutes in the 80+ degree heat. It felt great.

Total ascent for the day was 3600 feet. 12 miles on MTS, 6 miles on road, 18 miles total. Its great to be outdoors!

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