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Friday, April 03, 2009

Day 3, 4, and 5

After my last post I was surprised to learn that the 50 mile leg would be extended by another 6 miles (last days mileage). This was due to many logistical reasons beause of the weather. I ran the long leg with a long day in mind, and kept my body as cool as I could during the heat of the day. When the sun descended on us I began to run harder and finished that stage in under 16 hours comming in just after 1am. I was very pleased. The next day was a rest day, and I didnt have access to email. Today was the last day of the MdS, with a distance of a marathon (42.2 km). Im happy it is over! The heat is deadly out here.

Thanks to everyone that sent messages, they really kept me in touch with the world, and kept me moving out here in the Sahara (too many names to list!)

Ill be updating the blog in OZZ whence I have more time!

Best - Mohammed

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