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Sunday, December 09, 2007

2007 Thunder Road

The only local marathon, Thunder Road in Charlotte is a must run for me. Every year however I do think to myself that I should be out there in the middle of the night and freezing cold running the Hellgate 100k. Maybe next year.

I was coming out of a cold, and my chest was congested. I felt a little weary about pacing the 3:45 team, not being sure that I would be able to make even splits for the runners that followed. Then I found out I would have two other pacers at the same time, so I had nothing to worry about. When I showed up a few minutes late to the pacer meeting on the day of the race, I was informed that the 3:30 pacer dropped and I was to lead the 3:30 runner. I have run a 3:30 once, a PR, in Columbus earlier this year. I knew I wasn’t in any shape for a 3:30 in Charlotte while still coming out of a cold. I took the challenge, and told the pace director I would take the runners only half way at that pace, and then they were on there own, I did just that. After the half way point my run went downhill, as I struggled to keep my pace. I finished in 3:54:04.

Overall, I’m happy I ran and was able to volunteer. Next year I will run a stronger race, or maybe end up at Hellgate.

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